Why I Can't Wipe My Feet on My New Beautiful Cat Lover Floor Mat

The answer to why I can't wipe my feet on my new beautiful Cat Lover floor mat is because there is a cat in the house. Cats do not have thumbs but paws so they can not pick up a stick and scratch themselves as humans do. For this reason they need a clean place to get this type of abrasion. A new cat lovers floor mat is such a place. 

Because cats are clean animals, a dirty floor mat will not work. They do not want to rub their clean fur against dirt and debris and then have to clean themselves. No one, not even a cat wants to lick mud from their body. Because of this, most homes that have cats present in them also have a clean floor mat available for the kitty to rub against. It is the most effective manner in which your cuddly cat can reach that hard to get at itch on their back and still maintain a clean coat.

Cat Lovers Floor Mat

A floor mat is just one type of scratching place a cat will desire to have around their vicinity. The reason it is so effective is the cat just has to lie on it and wiggle about in order to fulfill the need to scratch the back part of their body. It can also be used to scratch the belly section of their body when they just want to lie down. This device requires very little effort for it to be effective. From a cats point of view, why exert more effort than is required if it is not necessary. This is one of the main reasons a floor mat is the perfect scratching post.

Other places that a floor mat can be used for your cat are on the traditional scratching posts. This can be a simple 2 by 4 mounted vertically covered with a studded floor mat. This will not only give your cat a firm place that will not move so they can not only rid themselves of the annoying itch, but also gives them a place for them to sharpen their claws that will not destroy any portion of your furniture or floor.

The necessity for a floor mat just for a cat can be noticed in most homes where a cat lives. When you enter such a house, there will be a floor mat at the door for you to wipe your feet on. You should also see the secondary floor mat near the door that appears to be really clean. This is for the cat only. Do not even think of wiping your shoes on it. The home owner did not buy it and place it there for you or even them to use. It is only for the feline family member for their personal use.

16th Jan 2015 Douglas Gray

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