Travelling with my Special Favorite Cat Mug

I always travel with my special and favorite mug by my side to help me feel more relaxed no matter where I am. As a cat person, I like to advertise I am of this unique breed to all that encounter me. This way other cat people, like myself, will not only know they are not alone but that they can talk to a person who is just like them.

The theme of my coffee mug is a basic one. It simply reads I love my cat where the word love is replaced by a red heart. This simple yet elegant design was created by the famous designer and cat lover Lorrie Veasey. Cat artists are numerous, with Laurel Burch being the most celebrated and famous Feline artist.

Cat Lover Mug

It is the witty feline humor that is distinctive to most cat lovers like myself. It is a simple straight forward message. I like situations and people like that. It is just easier to deal with them and makes the encounter easier for all that are involved. 

Every morning when I take a drink of my coffee I get to see that vibrant heart on the outside of my special mug. It warms me more than the hot coffee I am drinking. I have also been told by my coworkers and friends alike that when I am drinking from that favorite mug of mine, I am pleasant to be around. This is a great trait to have, especially early in the morning when most people are just waking up. 

I have a simple approach to facing the world around me. Be happy and enjoy the little things life has to offer. My favorite coffee mug expresses this for me so I do not even have to mention it to those that know me or just see me. This simple message also lets all of the other cat people around me that they are not alone and are welcome to come and share with me what is on their mind. Since I am like most cat people in being an introvert, sharing of ideas and feelings is reserved for the select few in my life. All the folks that I do share with, are cat people which is not a surprise to any other cat person in the world.

I wish all of those I encounter could be as happy and content as I am. But unfortunately there are dog people in this world that are not always happy or cheerful to be around. Most of them are men and they sure do have an attitude. To help me thru those trying times I just take a drink from my favorite mug and my spirit is lifted above their problems and unhappiness.

14th Nov 2014 Douglas Gray

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