The day I received my funny cat mug

The day I received my funny cat mug uplifted me and brightened my day. Not only did it express how I feel but it also gave notice to all around me of just where they stand, especially men and dogs.

When I pick up the cup with my right hand I get to see the true saying ”Women and Cats will do as they please”. This is soooo true for me and my girlfriends. The other side is meant for men to read. It is a simple message of “men and dogs should just get use to the idea”.

Cat Lover Mug

The colors on the coffee mug are simple being light blue and green and is 5 ¾” tall. It can hold 16 ounces of coffee that helps me wake up in the morning. Around the sayings are silhouettes of cats in black with white cat paw prints all over the mug. It helps me to feel like I am at home while I am at work.

My cat coffee mug was presented to me by the other ladies where I work. I was new to the office and they saw how uncomfortable I was. In our conversations I had told them about my cats and my love for them. I also told them about my husband and his dog. As all women know when a cat lover lives with a dog lover, there are always be clashes between the species and the sexes. I expressed some of those experiences with the other ladies and was told this was the reason for why they gave me this particular coffee mug.

I had noticed around the office that I was not the only cat lover there. Most of the other ladies also had cats at home and their coffee mugs expressed this. Sara was known as the crazy cat lady with cat items covering her desk. It was fitting for her to have the mug “Crazy Cat Lady” that also stated I decorate with cats. It was so true. Then there was Trudy who had 3 female felines around her home. She had this situation on purpose because of her love for cats and kittens. She was truly the “Cat Mom” because of her love to hear the pitter-patter of little paws around her home. Beth only had one cat, but it was the boss of her home. Her coffee mug expressed the truth about her cat being warm blooded furniture that would prevent her from getting up and answering the door. Her cat Cindy did not like her to have company so she could have her all to herself.

Yes I had found a home away from home at the office where I now work. Being around other cat lovers is peaceful and enjoyable, but I still prefer to be with my girls relaxing in front of a warm fireplace, but since I have to work, I am glad I found the girls at the office too.

11th Aug 2014 Douglas Gray

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