My House Has Cat Themed Items Everywhere, Even Outside

My house has cat themed items everywhere, even outside. Because of this all that know me and visit my home are fully aware that I am a cat person. I just love those little furry animals that always show their love to me.

Cat Lover Flag

What you will see on my walls and furniture are pictures and scenes of playful kittens enjoying life. They can be simply playing with a ball of yarn or a string. By being able to see this type of display on a constant basis, I am a happier person and my mood is always cheerful. Cat fans, cat spoon rests, cat rugs, and even a cat sink strainer that I found at

I was one of the few cat people in my neighborhood when I first moved in. As the neighbors began to see how peaceful and friendly a Cat Person is, and how I can own a cat and be welcomed home each time I walk through the door, they wanted to have a kitten too. Most of my neighbors still have dogs but I can happily tell you that several now have a canine and a feline, both best friends to my happy neighbors. 

Garden and House Flags featuring my favorite cat scenes, and sculptures of cats make my front yard a place where people enjoy color and life and friendly pets just by seeing the display that is both colorful and cheerful.

What is really cool is watching my cats when they try to engage one of the life like sculptures in the yard. The puzzled look on their faces is so amusing. No matter what they do, the sculptures do not move which for me is entertaining but for them it is a mystery that they cannot solve, so they constantly come back to try to make friends with the sculpture art.

Artistic and sensitivity is what makes a cat person special, and my home displays this fact. When you see the inside or outside of my home, you long to cuddle with a feline or scratch a cat behind their ears. Being a cat person makes me distinguished in my neighborhood, all of the children love to be with my kitties and they often call me Mr Gray Cat.  Fun, feline and friendly. Cat people. What a beautiful place this neighborhood is turning into.

11th Oct 2014 Douglas Gray

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