Life isn’t the same since My Cat Left

Life just isn't the same since my cat left my home. She was a part of my daily existence, and was part of my heart, a part that I enjoyed daily. I miss her purring when I stroked her coat while she lay on my lap. Also those beautiful eyes as she looked at me in her anticipation of the food I prepared for her are missed.

My cat Cleopatra was a large part of my life for over 18 years. I know this is a longer life than most domesticated cats, but that does not reduce the loneliness I now feel with her absence. She never made a mess even when I would leave for work or spend time with my relatives for a day. She was my best friend that never judged me and always made me feel welcome when I would come home. That kind action from my Cleopatra was truly appreciated on those bad days at work when nothing I did was right for my boss.

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Cleo would seem to know I had a bad day and would look at me with kindness in her eyes and try to absorb the pain I had, and take the pain away from me. We really had a true and loving relationship.

There will never be a replacement for my Cleo but that has not stopped me from finding another kitten to share my life with. I never picked Cleo rather she picked me when I found her. She was one of many kittens in her mother’s litter. I just sat down near all of them but it was my precious Cleo that approached me and laid on my lap. The way she looked up at me seemed to reach down to my soul. 

The other day I decided to search again for a new companion to share my life with. Yes, once again I found a litter of kittens that were in need of a good home. I again followed the same process of sitting near the litter hoping for a kitten to pick me. This was the third litter I sat near since my dear Cleo passed away. Maybe I was just too sad to attract a friendly soul-mate before, but on that day one did approach me. 

As every cat person knows, each cat is different not only in appearance but their personality. No two felines will ever act in the same manner. This new kitten just sat down in front of me at looked at me. It was as she was trying to figure out what kind of person I was. The first time I reached out to her, she pulled away. It was like she was sending me the message that she had a mind of her own and would not be controlled by anyone or anything else in the world. It touched my heart so much I spent about an hour with her before we decided all would be ok and she left with me. 

Today Dorothy and I are still learning about each other. While she will never replace Cleo in my heart, she will have a place there all to her own.

31st Oct 2014 Douglas Gray

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