Laurel Burch Greeting Cards brings Joy to others.

I didn't know Laurel Burch made greeting cards but there are 82 of the individual cards or Card sets currently available at ColorfulCritters. Each of these colorful and cheerful greeting cards has an original Laurel Burch design on them with a personal message to the person you intend the card for.

Laurel Burch Greeting Cards

The small assortment set has a total of 12 cards, 4 different images created by Laurel Burch with 3 of each kind included in the package. The variation in one set includes 3 that have a single warm and cuddly feline in it and the last one has over 20 of the happy colorful cats smiling at you. The mixture of colors include yellows, oranges, blues, greens, reds and purples to help cheer up any recipient of these cards. The verses in the cards vary from “Have a pawsitively purr-fect birthday” to “A cup of good cheer”, “sending warm thoughts and a smile your way” and “bringing you the sun, moon and stars”. Not only do the images help to brighten up the person receiving the card but also the simple cheerful verses that shows that the sender really cares about them.

Another original Laurel Burch design on one of the greeting cards is the Little Love Card. In this original design Laurel placed a hand with a small heart being held in place between the index finger and the thumb. Below the hand is the simple saying “Here’s a little Love….”. This simple yet elegant card sends the message of caring and hope to all that receive it from someone they know or even a perfect stranger.

While most of the original designs from Laurel Burch had felines or other animals on them, there were a few with people present in them. These images are the basis for the anniversary sets available today. The most loved is the couple kissing with the lovely saying  “to the one who has shown me how sweet love can be, Happy Anniversary”. There are hearts between the brows of the couple as they kiss and on both of their cheeks. Love just oozes from this colorful image.

For the couple that loves to dance there is the “Two Hearts” card. This original Laurel Burch creation has a couple embracing closely while dancing the night away with floating hearts all around them. To the right of the couple is the heart felt message of "If music be the food of love, play on". The inside of this wonderful card reads "May the dance never end Happy Anniversary." It is the perfect card for the one you love or a well wisher for the happy couple on their joyous day of union.

All of the Laurel Burch Greeting Cards were created to bring joy and happiness to the recipients that are lucky enough to have someone send them one. They always generate a smile when gazed upon.

20th Oct 2014 Douglas Gray

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