How I Keep My Cat Memories around - Cat Tokens

People ask me how I keep my cat memories around, and my daily reminders are with the cat tokens that I keep in my pocket. Every time I reach in my purse or pocket for change, I see this coin shaped cat token, and I smile with the warm memories that I have with the years of joy Clara has shared with me. She has given me so many memories, of the experiences we shared and just what she brought home for me. Yes the memories of playing with Clara are very fond ones I enjoy reminiscing about. I took a lot of pictures of her when she was young. This way I was able to capture the many expressions she would make when encountering new things and experiences.

My Clara always had a way of making me happy and comfortable in the manner of which she would look at me. No matter what is was, like opening a cupboard door or just washing my hands, she would appear to look at me with approval or confusion with my actions. The happiest I would see her was when I was preparing her dinner or just petting her while she lay resting on my lap. That expression was the same and the one I like and remember the most.

Cat Token

The Pewter Cat Angel Tokens that I get from Colorful Critters, are just the sweetest little memory boosters of Clara that I have. It's always humorous when I mistakenly try to pay for my vending machine purchases at lunch break with my Cat Angel token. This is just another way that Clara is continually bringing me smiles. She has been such a wonderful part of my life, and memories are precious.

The memories and tokens of my Clara are some of the fondest memories I have of our life together. She passed on when she was 12 years old and we had such a wonderful life together. I am glad that I have the pictures and memories, and the Cat Angel Tokens to bring this joy to me.

24th Apr 2015 Douglas Gray

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