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There are many fun facts about Cat Lovers that are not common knowledge to a majority of the population. Most of the people that own cats behave similarly to cats in the way they act and behave. This is noticed in many ways, but the most obvious is that a majority of cat people are also introverts and contemplators  by nature. 

There is a myth that women love cats and men love dogs. As most myths go, it is false. For the many men that are cat people, they are also more likely to find true love than a dog loving man. Many women that have been asked why they prefer a man that also likes cats answer that they feel men with cats in their lives are more sensitive to a woman’s needs and are overall nicer to them. 

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Cat people are also more modest than the majority of the population. Famous men who we all recognize are Cat Lovers. When it comes to a favorite Beatle member, George Harrison is the overall favorite of famous cat people. 

Cat people are also friendlier to the environment. Most of them own smaller cars which pollute less. This is in sharp contrast to many dog owners that also own a gas guzzling pickup trucks. We have all seen a dog in truck, but how many times do you see a cat in one? if ever?

Cat lover people, and also Dog Lovers also generally live longer than other pet owners and those that live solitary lives. A few of the contributing factors include the manner in which a cat can calm a person down. This reduces the frustration a person feels and is also better for their heart all the time reducing the level of stress a person feels.
Cat people while being introverts are very sociable, just they prefer to select the groups they are with. At parties they can usually be seen in a group of people and rarely are they seen sitting alone.

Education is another area that cat people different than the general population. There are a higher percentage of people with graduate degrees that are cat people than any other type of person. 

A cat person views a zoo as a place that has animals in cages or restricts their freedom. This is in sharp contrast to most dog lovers who actually think a zoo is a happy place. The truth is that humans love zoos so they can see a wide variety of animal. For the animals living there, their freedom has been taken from them and they are generally depressed. 

When it comes to humor, cat people enjoy puns and ironic humor more than the general population. The reason for this is because most of them are highly educated and understand the puns and ironic components of the humor more than others around them.

It is true that cat people are not like others around them. They are generally happier and more content with fewer problems in their long and productive lives than the majority of their non-cat friends.

29th Sep 2014 Douglas Gray

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