Are Laurel Burch Designed Items Sold Around the World

Laurel Burch Earrings

Are Laurel Burch designed items sold around the world? The simple answer is yes. This has become a reality for the flower child that at one time only sold her handmade creations out of a tackle box in the heart of the flower child section of San Francisco.


As with most flower children of the 60’s, Laurel Burch had not planed to develop her creations and designs into a worldwide success. The main goal was to earn enough to pay the bills and feed her children. Her first expanse was to the local stores that knew her and her works of art.

Many shop owners would talk to Laurel when she would be outside their shops. As most shop owners are known for, they are in the business of selling items for a profit. By having the popular and unique art work in their stores, the shop owners were attracting customers who were making other purchases as well. This is how popular Laurel was and what she was creating.


As time marched on to the late 60’s many investors started to visit the flower child section of San Francisco. They knew there was money to be made from the creative woman that had congregated there. One of these business men was Shashi Singapuri. He admired Laurel’s creations and saw an opportunity for him to make money. He took a few samples of Laurel’s work with him on a trip to China. This was before China had decided to manufacture goods for the world consumer market.


In 1971 Laurel Burch herself went to China so "in person discussions" could occur about the manufacturing of her creations to market her art to the world. This is how Laurel became not only the first woman to use China as a manufacture, but the first American to do so. From that point forward, there were enough of Laurel Burch’s art objects to fill the stores around the world. It did take a few years to catch on in some of the markets, but most saw the potential and accepted the items and the rest is history.


Today anyone can find Laurel Burch earrings, scarves, paintings sculptures and other items created by Laurel Burch Artworks Inc in a wide variety of stores. They can also be located online at many of the different auction houses and online merchants. Not only can new items created by Laurel Burch Artworks be found but also many of her vintage creations. What is rare is to find an item she personal created by hand back in the 1960s. Many of these were one of a kind and were not signed by the artist herself.


If you have a desire to collect any of Laurel Burch art work, they are still available at a reasonable price. She has only passed away 5 years ago and the prices of her art are just now beginning to climb up.

2nd Jul 2014 Douglas Gray

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