Are there any expensive Laurel Burch items sold at auction

Are there any expensive Laurel Burch items sold at auctionLaurel Burch Earrings

Expensive Laurel Burch items sold at auction are the original works of art created by the lady herself. These creations were made by Laurel in the early years of just trying to make a living and support her children.

 As time went on, Ms. Burch developed a following for her art work. This helped her to expand the materials and items she would create. The original paintings and figurines are the most expensive items that can still be purchased today, when they are available. Some of the lower cost sculptures can still be found for only $200


The most widely available works of art created or signed by the lady herself appear to be the coffee mugs. There were original sold for just a couple of dollars. Today an original cup created by or signed by Ms. Burch can sell for upwards of $50. This increase in value is over 200% and will continue to grow as time passes on.


One of the rarer items that can be found is the necklaces Laurel made back in the 1980’s. While the theme was mainly cats and felines, it is the fact that they are necklaces and not earrings that has helped to increase their value. Today this type of item can be found at a few auction houses, but the price can reach up to and beyond $100. Most of these along with the many earrings that can be found had Laurel using the cloisonné method for applying the enamel to help bring out the true beauty of the objects while ensuring they would also have a long life.


Many of the figurines created by Laurel Burch were sold to the public as cast resins. These were also finished using the cloisonné process. Most of them are made in the shapes of cats, Laurel’s favorite animal and focus for her art work. To be considered an original work of Laurel’s, it must be signed by her. Most are less than 1 foot in height and have lasted the years without scratches and nicks. This is contributed to the finish that was applied and the way the owners have treated them.


Many of the original paintings are still available for sale to the public. Most of the prints for these works of art can be found for only $20. The originals in sharp contrast have an increase value and can cost the buyer up to $125 or more. Laurel Burch passed away in 2007. Since that time, her originals have done nothing but increased in value. Just like most artists, their creations can be admired for years and centuries after the artist has passed from this earth. What is a constant is there will be no new creations made and the reason for the increase in rarity and price of these items.


For those of you looking for expensive Laurel Burch items, the price is relevant to your perspective. As compared to a Rembrandt or Picasso, the price is relatively low. As time marches on, the true value and price will become more competitive to the greatest artists in history.

by Douglas Gray

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18th Feb 2019 Douglas Gray

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