How Popular are Laurel Burch Designs

Laurel Burch DesignsHow Popular are Laurel Burch Designs

How popular are Laurel Burch designs can be determined in several different manners. For those that consider the market place the only true source of popularity, then just how many items sell along with the profit they make is the determining factor, then yes her jewelry and other art items are very popular.


eBay is just one of many marketing tools a manufacturer can use to help distribute their wares over the globe. Laurel Burch is one of the most popular names placed in their search engine to find what is needed. At any given time there are over 4000 items you can find on that site with references to Laurel Burch. There are also hundreds of other online stores that handle her products.


Laurel Burch designs were also very popular in terms of admiration collectors had for these pieces of art. Another way to judge this would be to look at all of the different sites that have articles about her and her life. This interest was based on how well the world enjoyed looking at her art. The art itself was not overly complicated. What it contained was a magical appeal to help lift the hearts and spirits of all that would gaze upon it. This has added to the appeal of her creations.


One of the nice characteristics about Laurel Burch art is their price. These are mostly fashion jewelry that is affordable to the average housewife. Since a person does not have to be rich to make a purchase and own them, their popularity is very high. This can be readily seen in the number of jewelry and other accessories that are being purchased that she designed.


Popularity has many different factors involved. How attractive are the art items, their appeal to as many different target audiences, the price in which they can be obtained and their availability to be purchased. For items with Laurel Burch designs on them, they fall into a favorable section in each of the above characteristics. By meeting the needs of the buying public in this manner has greatly increased the popularity of them.


One of the most appealing characteristics of Laurel’s designs was the cheerful impression viewers would walk away with. This was her strength in how she would communicate with her art. Art is filled with the emotions of the artist that create it. In Laurel’s case, she painted, twisted and banged her art creations to bring pleasure for those who might be in pain like she was. Laurel was in pain all of her life because she was born with a rare bone disease. To help ease her pain, she would create cheerful works of art to help her escape to a happy place. This is the same effect it has on all that view any of her work, an easy way of escaping the drudgery of their present world.


The popularity of Laurel Burch designs can still be effective on a person today, after her death. There are many places that have been licensed to continue producing her designs and items for sale. This will allow for her popularity to be maintained for many years to come.

by Douglas Gray

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