What kind of Lady Wears Laurel Burch Designs

Laurel Burch EarringsWhat kind of Lady Wears Laurel Burch Designs

What kind of Lady wears Laurel Burch Designs is easy to describe. This is the lady that has taste and a free spirit who enjoys the simple little things in life. This is why from the super rich to the lady who manages her daily needs, the designs and fashion accessories that Laurel Burch created are who enjoy wearing them.


One of the leading reasons women choices to wear a Laurel Burch set of earrings or scarves is because of all the cheerful and wonderful colors they are adore with. The bright colors and happy designs of felines and other characters were created for the sole purpose of making the wearer feel cheerful and uplifted.


For those of you that are unaware of it, Laurel was in pain all of her life. She was born with a crippling bone disease that caused the bones to snap like twigs. It was from this agonizing pain that her wonderful and uplifting art was created.


Unlike some artists that paint their pain and frustration in dark had horrible creations that place fear in the hearts and minds of the viewers, Laurel took the opposite approach. She would escape to her happy place when she was in pain and depressed. It was the images she found there that she would express as her art designs.


Since all of Laurel Burch art designs represent happiness and joy, all women from around the world enjoy wearing them at special events and occasions where they wish to help cheer the atmosphere up with just their presence. This is the magic of what Laurel created. It brings happy thoughts to those that see her creations. By a woman wearing one of her designs, those around her would naturally be in a better mood.


About the only place or event a Laurel Burch design would be inappropriate would be a funeral. Other than that somber event, the designs would happily be greeted by those that enjoy the finer things in life including being happy.


To help a lady accessorize with Laurel Burch designs, there are earrings, scarves and numerous hand and tote bags available for them to choose from. One of the unusual but liked decisions about the many handbags created with Laurel Burch designs is that the same design can be found on up to 5 different styles of bags. This allows, for the lady of taste, to select the right bag for the correct event or occasion while still having her favorite design that she desires.


Ladies from all walks of life enjoy wearing creations made by Laurel Burch. They are for the cheerful and young at heart that wishes to spread joy with all of those around her. This is much of the same approach to the reason Laurel herself created this type of art.


Joy and happiness to all is the attitude of a lady that wears a Laurel Burch design. The bright colors and happy images can turn any frown into a smile at a moments notice.

by Douglas Gray

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