Laurel Burch Fan Clubs

Laurel Burch Fan ClubsLaurel Burch Fan Clubs

The number of Laurel Burch fan clubs and groups are very numerous. This has occurred because of just how popular and inspirational this flower child was in the way she lived her life and what she created.


The official Laurel Burch Fan club is on Facebook. This is a place you can look up most facts about her life and career. While Laurel has passed away, her daughter Aarin is still active in the fan club as her daughter. It is Aarin’s email that is posted on Facebook as a contact source.


The reason for this fan club, like all others, is so there is a general place you can visit about the person in question. As for Laurel Burch fans, these reasons will include both those that love her work and those that admired her as a person.


Laurel’s career spanned the years from 1965 to 2007 when she finally succumbed to her rare bone disease. In that time she had many accomplishments including being the first American to have goods manufactured in Communist China.


Before her death, Laurel’s third husbands, Rick Sara laid out all of her original works of art that he could find. It ended up being over 2,000 pieces. That means she created over 47 pieces of original art each year for 42 years. That really amazed Laurel when she viewed it.


While the information on Facebook is not in a great amount of detail, there are other places you can go to find out about her. This will include her home page at What is nice is that many of the distributors of Laurel Burch love her products and admire the lady so much; they place articles about her creations and life on their websites. This is not commonly done for other artists, but Laurel is not a common artist. She was a world renown and respected one.


Available today you can get some insight to what she was like and who the lady herself really was thanks to film clips taken about her. The best ones can be found on Laurels home page, but YouTube also offers a few. This allows her fans can hear her voice and get to know this wonderful and inspiring artist for themselves. The one ironic thing about her website is that there is no email address anymore, but you can contact her daughter with the address on Facebook.


In California there are numerous shops that sell Laurel Burch items. Many of these also have a small section of their store dedicated to her. One of these is the Laurel Burch Gallerita in San Diego, California. This is a place you can find out about Laurel and make a purchase of some of her original art designs.


The reason for the fan clubs of Laurel Burch is very simple. This lady endured a great deal of pain and still inspired the world with uplifting art. The ability to bring joy to the masses when in excruciating pain is a miracle in its self and she did it for 42 years.

by Douglas Gray

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