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How many Cat Owners are there in the World

How many cat owners are there in the world is an easy figure to determine. Since cats live with humans and are not owned by them the simple answer is zero. It is estimated that in 2007 there were over 500 million cats living with humans around the world.Back in 1985, the number of cats [...]

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The day I received my funny cat mug

The day I received my funny cat mug uplifted me and brightened my day. Not only did it express how I feel but it also gave notice to all around me of just where they stand, especially men and dogs.When I pick up the cup with my right hand I get to see the true [...]

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Why are Laurel Burch Totes so much fun?

The reason why Laurel Burch totes are so much fun is because they express joy and happiness to anyone who sees them along with being easier to use. Her totes come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Each type is unique to its own and is a fashion statement for each lady that [...]

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Are Laurel Burch Designed Items Sold Around the World

Are Laurel Burch designed items sold around the world? The simple answer is yes. This has become a reality for the flower child that at one time only sold her handmade creations out of a tackle box in the heart of the flower child section of San Francisco.   As with most flower children of the 60’s, [...]

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What Kind of Person was Laurel Burch

What kind of person was Laurel Burch will be determined by your prospective and whether you judge people by a single action or look at them as a whole person who has lived many years. In all of the records about this great American artist that could be construed as negative would be her police [...]

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We just moved our online store to a new server

Welcome to our new shopping server. on 4/1/14 we moved our shopping cat to a new provider. This will allow us to give our customers a better and simpler shopping experience. Customers can have tons of wish lists, can ship one order to multiple shipping addresses, our interface is faster and much cleaner, our load [...]

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