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Life isn’t the same since My Cat Left

Life just isn't the same since my cat left my home. She was a part of my daily existence, and was part of my heart, a part that I enjoyed daily. I miss her purring when I stroked her coat while she lay on my lap. Also those beautiful eyes as she looked at [...]

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Laurel Burch Greeting Cards brings Joy to others.

I didn't know Laurel Burch made greeting cards but there are 82 of the individual cards or Card sets currently available at ColorfulCritters. Each of these colorful and cheerful greeting cards has an original Laurel Burch design on them with a personal message to the person you intend the card for.The small assortment set has [...]

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My House Has Cat Themed Items Everywhere, Even Outside

My house has cat themed items everywhere, even outside. Because of this all that know me and visit my home are fully aware that I am a cat person. I just love those little furry animals that always show their love to me.What you will see on my walls and furniture are pictures and scenes [...]

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The Blank Laurel Burch Journal is a great way to become a writer

The Blank Laurel Burch Journal is a great way to become a writer. The best type of journal to have is one that can help inspire you in the creation of your written words. This is the purpose of the wonderful Laurel Burch journals.In total there are 23 different styles with uplifting images on the [...]

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Fun Facts about Cat People from ColorfulCritters

There are many fun facts about Cat Lovers that are not common knowledge to a majority of the population. Most of the people that own cats behave similarly to cats in the way they act and behave. This is noticed in many ways, but the most obvious is that a majority of cat people are also [...]

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Be noticed with a Laurel Burch Umbrella

Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers. Be noticed with a Laurel Burch Umbrella. The collection of Laurel Burch Umbrellas found at ColorfulCritters, like all of Laurel’s art work, is designed to cheer up all that see it. This is why you will be seen and noticed by those in your vicinity when you are using your [...]

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Laurel Burch Socks can be fun

Laurel Burch socks can be fun and with 50 different styles and designs to choose from, there is at least one if not more that can fit your needs and taste. Included in this collection are the ankle high or short socks, standard socks, slipper socks as well as sublimated trouser socks. Each one [...]

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Do Women Wear Scarves Today?

Do women wear scarves today? To simply put it, yes. The scarf is an accessory that has been used by females on earth since recorded history began. They are in every culture around the world and never seem to go out of fashion. They are seen on the top of a woman’s head, around [...]

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Cat Lovers are Special People

Cat lovers are very special people who generally are very caring and helpful to others. By having a cat as a pet, it is not like most other pet owners. The feline has a mind of its own and does not consider that their owners possess them. In most instances cats look at the people [...]

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Everyone Notices Me When I wear My Laurel Burch Scarf

Everyone notices me when I wear my Laurel Burch scarf out on the town. The favorite one in my collection is the one called Blossoming Spirit. Not only because of the wonderful cat it has on it, but the softness of the silk I feel next to my neck when I wear it.The Blossoming Spirit [...]

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